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Months after its release, I finally watched Ender’s Game. Now I know why I read. A lot. Movies often disappoint.

I read Ender’s Game when it first hit the shelves in 1985. Yes, I was alive and literate in 1985. And I loved it―the concept, the character development, the twists. I loved it so much, I shared it with everyone. That’s probably why I avoided watching the movie for so long. I knew I would have expectations. I did. And the movie failed me.

If you watched the movie and thought meh, I would have to agree. The movie lacked all the things I loved about the book. No spoilers with this review, but if you watched the movie before you read the book, your innocence is lost. There’s no going back to that first magical time when the story hits that ah-ha moment. You can try―and I hope you do if only to see how well Card weaved his original story―but the best part of any story is the journey and you already know where this story ends. If you haven’t watched the movie yet or read the book, I’ve reached you in time! Read the book first… and then skip the movie. Unless you want to spend long hours with a friend deconstructing in excruciating detail where the movie went wrong. That’s the fun we get up to around here, but it doesn’t always appeal to others.

Moral of this post? Read the books first! Okay, I know it’s shameless self-promotion from someone in the writing business, but really, the film industry relies on good storylines. Those come from writers. And they generally make film adaptations from books that sell well. Most books that sell well are worth reading for some reason, if only to participate in the water cooler conversations. I know. I know. There are some very notable and obvious exceptions to that rule, but if the book already sucks, you’ll be light years ahead of the general movie viewing population. You’ll already know the movie will be a train wreck. Money saved (for more books)!

Divergent comes out soon. READ THE BOOK FIRST! I’m telling you, your imagination will love the workout.

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