Pitch Madness

Last week, I frittered away a lovely Friday afternoon deep in the throes of the #pitmad twitter party. If you’re a writer and don’t know about this action-packed, hair-raising event, read up. This is a golden opportunity to see if your COMPLETED manuscript can catch an agent’s eye.

A potential request for pages isn’t the only reason to participate in these events. Read the twitter feed. Read the pitches that got nibbles. I’ll wait because there were tons! There are some amazing ideas out there. And some amazing writers, many of whom are willing to mentor. Need a crit partner? Hint, hint… hang out with other writers. And here’s a hashtag full of them.

Check out these blogs for future events:


And when you read these links, you’re going to find yourself slipping into that rabbit hole of information you’ve been searching for your whole writing life.

Polish those pitches, mark your calendars, and good luck all!

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