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Sally Forth

To sally forth: to leave home, or a temporary stopping place, for a short journey.

While studying at college, my all-too-brainy friends, who are way into computers and Piers Anthony puns, started calling me Sally Forth, probably to get under my skin. But I thought it was funny and it suited my “get out there and get it done” mindset. I’m a recovering insomniac with frequent relapses, who believes that every spare moment of my life must be filled with something. My co-workers think I’m always learning or working or both. I also belly dance with a master troupe that performs at a number of venues around the Midwest.

I write NA and YA fiction, but I’ll read and edit across a variety of genres, so if you are looking for assistance, feel free to contact me.




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  1. AlannaLP says:

    Beautiful picture of you dancing! I love that costume!

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